Me and my partner have been coming to Stay and Play with our two-year-old son who loves our activities, which have helped to improve his overall mobility and development. He now engages with other children and he really loves the age-appropriate activities provided by the staff.

Zosea is 15 months old now and we have been coming for the past few months: it is a great opportunity for her to interact /play/socialise with other children of different ages. We really appreciate the range of play activities, toys and stuff to play with – and she also enjoys Wiggly beats.

There is a lovely feel here, everyone is friendly and kind. Zosea now sits for snack time and is now familiar with the routine here. There is a lovely mix of familiar faces and a playful changing environment.

Vanessa lives in Haringey and was introduced to the Lunch Club by a friend. She has also attended the slimming activity here, which she found really useful in helping her lose weight.

“Coming to these activities has helped me a lot and has been great for my health and wellbeing. I come out of the house and meet other people, which makes me happy. The exercise make me feel fitter and healthier.

“I live on my own and I look forward to coming here. By coming here, I am able to socialise and I am also doing Zumba, which I am really enjoying. It is rigorous exercise and has helped me lose weight.”

VANESSA, Over 50's

 “The Lunch Club gets me out of the house and socialising. I get to meet other people, enjoy the Zumba classes and have a nice lunch.”

She likes the idea of various activities that take place with the lunch club.” We have health and wellbeing talks, food, poetry, dancing every few weeks and everyone takes part. All these help me get out of the house. Without all these places or activities, I would be at home sitting like a couch potato and watching TV.”

She has arthritis in both her knees, which can be really painful. “Getting out of the house and taking part in these activities at the club helps with my arthritis because it means I exercise walking here from home and doing Zumba. This helps me mentally too. I no longer feel depressed.”

ANNA MARIA, Over 50s

Hanna has been coming to the Lunch Club for over three years, from its former location in Hanley. “After retiring I needed to do something to keep me busy so I joined Zumba as part of my exercise and to keep me mentally fit.” She also does Pilates at the Old Fire Station as well as gentle exercises.  Coming to the Zumba classes and the Lunch Club has helped Hanna a lot and she is now able to socialise more. “I have more energy and have made a lot of friends.”


Heather has been coming to the Lunch Club for the past 8 years. “I came here to meet people and things to do. I used to come to the slimming world and now come to the club.  I enjoy coming here and interacting with other women.” She is now more active and does various activities as a result of the confidence she has now gain. “I feel healthier and fitter. I meet new people and socialise. I attend the Lunch Club here now and also go to Hornsey Lane. I also come here to use the computers”


 “My daughter always really enjoys going to Brickworks. She always leaves with a bounce in her step: it is clear to me that the staff go above and beyond when looking after the children and are a vital part of the community.”


“During the pandemic Brickworks’ After School Club has been amazing. I would recommend it to parents!”


“We use Brickworks’ After School Club and Holiday Play Scheme regularly for our two boys. It is a fantastic resource for us – very well run, reliable and from the boys’ perspective, they always have fun.

“The boys are at an age where they need to learn social skills, so mixing with new children at Brickworks is great for that, as well as giving them role models.”


“The After School Club was very helpful during the pandemic. They have a good range of activities. My child is so happy and loves going there. A very professional and friendly set-up.”


“Brickworks, as always, is so kind, supportive, patient and helpful. As a family, we are grateful for everything the team has done for us.”


“The foodbank, and the support shown from all the team, has greatly helped my wellbeing during Covid and has been an immense help to me.

“There is always a warm welcome from the staff and the foodbank has also helped me greatly in my being able to have nourishing food at home to keep me healthy. During a very difficult period I have encountered of late, I have found the support of the staff and foodbank team to be more than accommodating in helping me to regain my confidence and self-esteem.”

Mr R, Foodbank

“So much, emotionally, keeps me feeling as if I have family with me (giving me strength).  For the first time since I’ve come to this country, I feel I have had back-up.  The foodbank is so helpful (I am on benefits). It’s like the sun’s come out. Real help.”

Ms 0, Foodbank

“The foodbank has been useful to us over this time and especially during lock down. I was on the furlough scheme. It has been a very good source of extra food.” 

Mr A, Foodbank

“If I didn’t come to the foodbank, I would have starved. Thank you so much.”

Mr C, Foodbank

“The food bags helped me feel less stress about what we were going to eat and how I was going to get healthy food for my children.”

Ms C with children, Foodbank

“I have been attending Janelle’s yoga classes every Wednesdays and Fridays since March 2022. 

“I look forward to her sessions as each class is varied. One of her classes is aimed at those attending for the more challenging routines using mats, doing floor exercises and stretching poses etc., And another session is sit-down yoga on chairs. 

“Her classes are so very welcoming, suitable for all with easy and enjoyable movements. But ever so effective, as when you leave you’re bound to feel so much better within yourself, much lighter more energetic and less stressed.

“She has a wonderful vibe about her, always smiling and upbeat.  She is welcoming, warming and has a lovely personality.

“She creates a wonderful atmosphere in her classes, playing soothing and slow music or upbeat and happy sounds making you feel good about joining in and taking part. All done at your own pace and level of fitness.

“She shares her knowledge of yoga positions and their benefits and shares her wisdom using ‘old wives tales’ on yoga practice and general life experiences.

“Janelle would also give valid recommendations on how best to keep the body functioning well. Such as the benefits of drinking water. She is very attentive to your physical needs.

“During your time in her class, you actually feel that whatever you may be going through with everyday concerns or issues, they fade away for that length of time, leaving you feeling more energised and ready to face your day.

“Overall, I really do enjoy my yoga classes within the group and I have noticed that my fitness level has improved.

“I would definitely recommend anyone at all levels of fitness or age to attend Janelle’s classes.”

Ital Yoga