You don’t need to be running marathons to keep fit. Here are some great ways to get in shape, from yoga to dance and gardening – and you can find them all at Brickworks.

Dance Adventures
Contemporary – Ballet – Modern – Salsa
Dance Adventures is a community dance school which offers high quality dance classes at affordable prices for children and adults. Our classes aim to encourage creativity and self-confidence and develop technique in a fun and welcoming atmosphere.

To book or for more information please call 07561 349555; email:;
Visit our website:

Adult ballet: Monday, 7pm–8pm

Modern (ages 8 and over): Wednesday, 5:15pm–6pm

Ballet (ages 4–7): Friday, 4pm–4.45pm

Ballet (8 plus): Friday, 5pm–6pm

Family creative dance: Friday 6:30pm–7:30pm

Brickworks Gardening Projects

We need your help!

Interested in gardening and growing food? Then come to Brickworks community centre to take part in an exciting new garden project. Every Friday 10am–12 noon.

City Academy

Singing and dancing are not only enjoyable, but healthy as well.

Beginners’ dance: Tuesday, 6:30pm–7:30pm

Singing: Tuesday, 6:30pm–7:30pm

Salsa: Tuesday, 7:40pm–8:40pm

Ballroom dance: Thursday, 6:30pm–8:40pm

Please use the code BRICKWORKSCA20 to get 20 per cent off our courses at Brickworks (this excludes foundation courses and ongoing groups). For more information and booking please visit:

Zen meditation for mind body

An introduction to meditation. The workshops include meetings with a qualified Zen teacher; body and mind exercises, plus son-you (Wind of Zen). We also offer short retreats with a vegetarian meal.

Further information via:


Text : 07742 979050


Counselling offers a way of coping with mental health problems such as depression or anxiety. It works brilliantly when you are ready to talk things over.

I am a registered member of BACP and work near Finsbury Park and Crouch Hill


Mobile: 07742 979050

Knitworks at the Brickworks

Looking for creative activity, in convivial company? Join our knit, crochet and needlework group. Beginners welcome. Saturdays, unless stated, 11am–1pm. For any questions, please email us at:

It’s a happy and fun start to the weekend. Usually there are 8 or 9 of us but some weeks we are up to 14. We are a mix of knitters and crocheters. Some started to learn to knit or crochet at the creation of this club back in October 2021, but others have been crafting for years. All of us are learning from each other and the group is full of ideas and inspiration as well as helping each other when we have little hiccups with our projects.

Yoga for Everyone

Yoga is an ancient practice, with a lot to teach us in these stressful times.

Afrikan Flow: rejuvenate your mind, build your core and open your chakras. Tap into your natural brilliance and inner power. Wednesdays, 12 noon-1pm, £10 per session; please bring a mat.

Ital Cubs: yoga for children, using reggae, traditional and modern rhymes. Parents/carers also get to stretch and have fun.

Thursdays, 10:45am–11:30am, £5 per session.

Wisdom Stools:

Chair assisted yoga. Move, grove and stretch in your chair using the power of your breath. Learning to let go and grow.

Fridays, 10:45am–11:45am, £5 per session

Church Services

Brickworks hosts a range of church services every Sunday from 10am-6pm.

“I have been attending Janelle’s Ital yoga classes every Wednesdays and Fridays since March 2022.

“I look forward to her sessions as each class is varied. One of her classes is aimed at those attending for the more challenging routines using mats, doing floor exercises and stretching poses etc., And another session is sit-down yoga on chairs.

“Her classes are so very welcoming, suitable for all with easy and enjoyable movements. But ever so effective, as when you leave you’re bound to feel so much better within yourself, much lighter more energetic and less stressed.

“She has a wonderful vibe about her, always smiling and upbeat.  She is welcoming, warming and has a lovely personality.

“She creates a wonderful atmosphere in her classes, playing soothing and slow music or upbeat and happy sounds making you feel good about joining in and taking part. All done at your own pace and level of fitness.

“She shares her knowledge of yoga positions and their benefits and shares her wisdom using ‘old wives tales’ on yoga practice and general life experiences.

“Janelle would also give valid recommendations on how best to keep the body functioning well. Such as the benefits of drinking water. She is very attentive to your physical needs.

“During your time in her class, you actually feel that whatever you may be going through with everyday concerns or issues, they fade away for that length of time, leaving you feeling more energised and ready to face your day.

“Overall, I really do enjoy my yoga classes within the group and I have noticed that my fitness level has improved.

“I would definitely recommend anyone at all levels of fitness or age to attend Janelle’s classes.”