Brickworks runs a range of activities for the over-50s. Here are some of them. To find out more, ring 020 7263 1067 or go to

Lunch Club

Friday is a big day for club members. We start with exercise: chair-based yoga, from10:45am to 11:45am, followed by a chance to chat and socialise. A three-course lunch is served at 1pm.

The Lunch Club organises regular trips, in and out of London; maybe a day on the river or a dance workshop at Sadler’s Wells.

If you are interested in joining the Lunch Club, please speak to reception.

Tranquil Health and Wellbeing workshops

Find the peace you are looking for at our monthly workshops. The accent is on therapeutic activities, designed to increase mental and physical wellbeing. The sessions are organised by Glenda Daniel, who has considerable experience of working with older people suffering from loneliness and depression.

Arsenal bowls

Brickworks hosts a weekly indoor bowls session for the over 55s, run by Arsenal staffer Mark Antoniewicz. The mat is 40ft long; the fun, endless. Mondays, 12pm – 2pm. Free of charge.

Sadler’s Wells

Dance with us! Join our weekly free dance classes and free lunch at Brickworks. Take part in the Get into Dance Community Festival at Sadler’s Wells, March 2023. 11am–12.30pm; Thursdays, 12 Jan–16 Mar

Our brilliant elders

We’d like to thank the many volunteers who’ve worked tirelessly for Hanley Crouch over the years. They include:

Brian and Marie Heywood: Brian was chair of the now defunct Ilex House Tenants Association and then became a pillar of the Brickworks community. The rooftop garden is named after his wife, Marie, who was known and loved throughout the area.

Carol Myers-Nobbs: did a brilliant job running the Monday arts and crafts sessions. She died in 2022 after 10 years’ service.

Kasum Tailor, who ran the Lunch Club and did all the cooking for many years. Kasum died in 2017 and is remembered with great affection and gratitude. Our kitchen is named after her.

“I have special needs and this place has helped me a lot. This place is like a light for me. Depression can be suicidal and this place has been like a rock for me.”

As a result of coming to this activity, Maria feels less stressed, eats more healthily and is more active as well as meeting new people.


Vanessa lives in Harringay and was introduced to the Lunch Club by a friend. She has also attended the slimming activity here, which she found really useful in helping her lose weight.

“Coming to these activities has helped me a lot and has been great for my health and wellbeing. I come out of the house and meet other people, which makes me happy. The exercise make me feel fitter and healthier.

“I live on my own and I look forward to coming here. By coming here, I am able to socialise and I am also doing Zumba, which I am really enjoying. It is rigorous exercise and has helped me lose weight.”


 “The Lunch Club gets me out of the house and socialising. I get to meet other people, enjoy the Zumba classes and have a nice lunch.”

She likes the idea of various activities that take place with the lunch club.” We have health and wellbeing talks, food, poetry, dancing every few weeks and everyone takes part. All these help me get out of the house. Without all these places or activities, I would be at home sitting like a couch potato and watching TV.”

She has arthritis in both her knees, which can be really painful. “Getting out of the house and taking part in these activities at the club helps with my arthritis because it means I exercise walking here from home and doing Zumba. This helps me mentally too. I no longer feel depressed.”

Anna Maria

Hanna has been coming to the Lunch Club for over three years, from its former location in Hanley. “After retiring I needed to do something to keep me busy so I joined Zumba as part of my exercise and to keep me mentally fit.” She also does Pilates at the Old Fire Station as well as gentle exercises.  Coming to the Zumba classes and the Lunch Club has helped Hanna a lot and she is now able to socialise more. “I have more energy and have made a lot of friends.”


Heather has been coming to the Lunch Club for the past 8 years. “I came here to meet people and things to do. I used to come to the slimming world and now come to the club.  I enjoy coming here and interacting with other women.” She is now more active and does various activities as a result of the confidence she has now gained. “I feel healthier and fitter. I meet new people and socialise. I attend the Lunch Club here now and also go to Hornsey Lane. I also come here to use the computers”