Cascadura Team Supporters is a small group who works with Hanley Crouch Community Association to support community excellence.  C.Team was established in 1997, when we have organized various activities that benefited young people during their summer vacation. One of which was a Pre-Carnival Show at Hanley Crouch on 15th Aug 1999.

The group was reopened in 2015 and we have decided to focus on older people living in isolation and experiencing dementia.  To support them, we have organized social and cultural events together with Hanley Crouch Community Association.

This was the Intercultural Musical Festival on the 12th Sept 2015 and the Grand Variety Christmas Concert on the 12th December 2015.  Organizations were able to raise awareness of their services and we helped to raise funds through our raffles at each event.

The C. Team Supporters has decided to organize a Tranquil work shop in Sept 2016, to support people experiencing depression and to facilitate self value and self-esteem. People were more self aware as they were inspired to develop the mind with positive and constructive thinking, as they learn to accept self or experiences, to be able to move forward.

We have organized a Fashion Show for older people at the Islington Town Hall on the 14th Sept 2016 when our role models strut and pose to music on the stage as they expressed themselves in various fashions and have encourage many older people in the audience to value self.

In addition, the C.Team has supported organizations previously such as: The Tollington Initative Reach out on the 4th April 1998, Inter-cultural Afternoon with the Older Peoples Reference Group, Age Uk Islington on the 15th June 2012.  Black History event at Whittington Community Centre on the 30th Oct 2014,  Islington Pensioners Forum for the` Young at Heart` lunch club to raise funds on the 7th Aug 2014, World’s History month at Hanley Crouch Community Centre on the 27th Oct 2016,  Manor Gardens previous Christmas Parties and Festivals.

The C. Team Supporters is a charity group who has no funds of their own and is dependant on charity funds and donation from local businesses in the community.

Our aim is to support community excellence and to promote local talents at our social and cultural evenings.


Glenda Daniel (coordinator) for the C. Team has supported the Islington Council Housing, Cinema Club with inspiring poetry and Partners For Improvement Housing who published her poetry in their Partners Gazette June 2016.

Glenda has served as the Secretary for Islington Pensioners Forum previously and was a trustee for the Whittington Community Centre. She has used her skills in counselling that has benefitted clients while she worked with the Enablement Team for Age Uk and at present, works as an Out reach Volunteer.

In addition to this, Glenda has served as a Parent Governor for five years at a Primary school where she has introduced various cultural activities that bring people together.

She also worked voluntarily under Social Workers at a Neighbourhood office where she ran a ring around Club for older people in the community previously.